Whistleblower Lawyers in Qui Tam Cases

Medicare fraud and other types of fraud against the Government are far too common in our country, particularly so in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC metro region. Someone who reports instances of fraud is known as a “whistleblower”, and often times whistleblowers will retain attorneys both to prosecute the fraud as well as to protct themselves from potential legal action.

Whistleblower Protection

Most whistleblower (also known as Qui Tam) cases are initially investigated by private attorneys, who first evaluate the type of fraud, review the regulations involved, and gather the necessary proof. Cases that can be proven are then filed under seal so that The Dept. of Justice can investigate the claims and decide whether to intervene.

Jeff Downey is an experienced Qui Tam attorney who has recovered millions in settlement proceeds while protecting Northern Virginia clients’ employment rights. If you suspect fraud, call our law firm at 703-564-7318 or complete the online form for a free consultation with a whistleblower attorney. Your information will be kept confidential. Cases are prosecuted on a contingency basis, where the attorney will advance his/her time and costs, so you are not paying out of pocket to prosecute your case.

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