My dad was a World War II veteran and survivor of the Battan death march. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive his visit to a local long term care facility. After a stay at a Veteran’s hospital he went to a long term care facility for short term rehabilitation. The facility placed him in their assisted living wing instead of placing him on a skilled care unit that was recommended upon his discharge. They allowed him to roam the facility by himself and because of his dementia and unsteady gait, he fell and suffered a hip fracture.

I spent considerable time researching who to hire as an attorney and ultimately went with Jeffrey Downey. He was experienced, confident and responsive to my many questions during what was very difficult time in my life. The litigation was contentious with a lot of discovery and motions going back and forth between the attorneys. In video depositions Jeff obtained important concessions from the nursing staff about their lack of staffing and failure to follow basic standards in fall prevention. The facility took a hard line initially on settlement and we went through mediation and a court pretrial hearing without resolving the case. We settled shortly before trial for an amount in excess of $500,000 dollars.

Beyond being a great attorney Jeff was also someone I trusted. I would highly recommend him for any litigation matter, especially a case involving elder neglect.