I will always remember the courtesy and respect you extended to my father and I (during a very difficult time), walking us through the wrongful death lawsuit of my mother.

It was never an inconvenience for you to make the situation and demand of the case easier for my eighty-eight year old father – like the afternoon you came to our house. You never backed off with any part of the investigation or mediation. You fought for what we all felt was right and fair to the family. You understood that my mother was a loved one, a person – not allowing her age to be the main factor.

My mother will always be remembered and even more so, by the investments we have made and how they will remain with us throughout the remainder of our lives. My father purchased his travel trailer and spent a month in Florida with his two brothers, and the best care that could be provided him in his last days; my son was able to purchase a house for his family instead of rent receipts; and I took my 100 day dream vacation touring Alaska, Canada and twenty-seven other states of the United States. Monies are still in investments working for our remaining futures.

All I can say is – thank you for a job well done, while extending the feelings of compassion and friendship.