Healthcare Fraud & Medicare Fraud Attorney

Healthcare fraud can take place in a variety of ways but usually involves fraud against the federal Medicare or state Medicaid reimbursement systems. Oftentimes, whistleblowers will play a vital role in exposing medicare fraud.

In the past several years, billions of dollars have been collected from pharmaceutical companies and others for fraud related to the unlawful promotion, pricing and illegal marketing of drugs that violate the Federal and State False Claims Acts, the Federal Ant-Kickback Statute, as well as other federal and states laws. Whistleblowers who expose fraud not only protect themselves from potential prosecution, but they help ensure that pharmaceutical firms who violate the law are brought to justice.

Jeff Downey is a Medicare and healthcare fraud attorney who serves Northern Virginia and the entire Washington DC metro region. With extensive experience handling health care fraud and other complex cases, Mr. Downey is well suited to protect the rights of whistleblowers.

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