False Claims Act Attorneys

The False Claims Act allows a person who learns of fraud being committed against the Government to file suit through his own, privately retained, attorney. The roots of the False Claims Act go all the way back to the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln signed it into law to protect the Government against fraudulent suppliers of war equipment. Since then, the False Claims Act has grown into the Government’s most powerful weapon in fighting fraud and abuse.

In the event of a suit filed under the False Claims Act, the Attorney General (or a Department of Justice attorney) is required to investigate the allegations. The investigation usually involves one or more law enforcement agencies (such as the Office of Inspector General of the victim agency, the Postal Inspection Service, or the FBI). In some investigations where state agencies are also victims of the fraud, state attorneys general with expertise and interest will participate in the investigation and work closely with the federal agencies.

False Claims Cases Require an Experienced Attorney

Jeff Downey is a False Claims Act attorney who serves Northern Virginia and the entire Washington DC metro region. With over 23 years of trial experience in both state and federal courts, Mr. Downey proudly represents those who expose fraud and abuse through the False Claims Act.

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