Jeffrey J. Downey, Esq.

Over 23 years experience as a trial lawyer, with a record of obtaining exceptional results for his clients.

Jeffrey J. Downey, Esq. began his career defending the Federal Government and insurance companies.  Now his firm represents whistleblowers and victims of fraud.  Before opening up his own law office, Jeff was a partner at the national law firm of Robins Kaplan Miller and Ciresi, L.P. where he handled a variety of complex cases, including elder neglect, health care fraud, and antitrust matters.  As first chair, he tried the landmark case of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts,et al.v. Mylan Laboratories, Inc., resulting in a 12 million dollar verdict (before trebling) against the defendants who willfully restricted competition in the market of two popular anti-anxiety medications.

Located in Washington, DC, Mr. Downey is well positioned to work with the US Department of Justice in DC, where their main healthcare fraud office is located.  A successful whistleblower case often hinges on whether the Government decides to intervene in your case.   Should the Government decide to intervene in your case, the chance of a settlement is very high, as most companies cannot risk losing their right to participate in the lucrative Medicare system.

With extensive experience handling health care fraud and other complex cases, Mr. Downey is well suited to protect the rights of whistleblowers who report fraud. With a background in prosecuting health care fraud and health care malpractice, Mr. Downey is familiar with many of the practices that give rise to fraud.  He also uses investigators and medical experts to help investigate potential cases, as most whistleblowers are not going to have all the facts regarding a particular fraud.

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